About “Building Bridges”

In July 2013, 30 young people aged 16-18 will come together in Belgium, representing the country’s diverse communities and 10 other nationalities. Participants will develop and learn from each other and invited guests how to make a difference in ones own life, in ones community and in society.

PURPOSE In Europe today, there is much debate about fragmentation and separation of our societies. The mission of this UWC Short Course is to build bridges across differences. How can we as young people improve relations across communities? How can diversity be a strength in our leadership and collaboration?

LEARNING The 10 day program includes workshops, team projects, creative activities, and community service. As a participant, you will improve your leadership and self-awareness through intercultural learning. Through teambuilding, and group collaboration you will learn how to deal with conflict and act against discrimination, for equality. You will get tools to make a difference and improve your life.

PARTNERSHIP The project is enabled by funding through the EU Youth in Action Program, GDF/Suez and private contributions, and a partnership with UWC Germany and the Roi Baudouin Foundation.

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Invitation to Summer Cocktail

UWC Belgium is hosting the annual UWC Summer Cocktail 2013 on June 29th at the old train station Ancienne Gare de Watermael. The event gathers students, alumni, family and friends to celebrate the newly selected scholarship recipients for the United World Colleges and the UWC Short Course and to welcome back the recently graduated students of the classes ’13.

Welcome to these festivities!